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What is YEXT?

YEXT is specially designed software that will list your information identically into 70 directories at once from 1 dashboard and is connected to Google’s API. We are a certified YEXT partner and travel to New York for additional training on using their complex software properly. YEXT allows us to sync your business content, logo, photos, video, hours, payment methods, specials, locations, phone numbers and much more into 70 business listings including FACEBOOK, GOOGLE BUSINESS, YELP, BING, YAHOO, and YELLOW PAGES to name a few. The advantage to using us as opposed to buying directly from YEXT is you won’t have to pay the $1,000 yearly fee YEXT charges and we are experts at using the software and add SEO with your information so your getting optimized in 70 off site directories at once!

This amazing software allows your information to be synced identically from our YEXT Knowledge Engine across the board and makes updating information easy. Plus your website is now being linked to these 70 accredited sites (this is called back- linking) therefore boosting your online ranking! See the success stories below from some of Americas most famous companies.

We include YEXT in our “START UPS” and “BIG BUSINESS” SEO packages.


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